Three Relaxing Adventures

Climbing in the Himalayas, hiking the volcanoes in Ecuador and braving choppy seas to stand in Antarctica are all wonderful, life changing adventures you could have with Wandering Free, but what do you do when you just want to relax? Fortunately even your laid back holidays can be catered for by us, offering you the […]

A shopping experience in Bangkok

Thailand is one of South Africa’s top travel destinations and its popularity is undoubtedly connected to its affordability.  Not only are airfares and hotel accommodation very reasonable but South African spending money goes a lot further in South East Asia than it does in Europe or North America.  While beach destinations like Phuket and Koh […]

Japan on a Budget

My first trip overseas was, I am told, a bold choice. I chose to go to Japan way back in 2001 figuring that if I was paying all this money to go overseas it better be somewhere exotic. I wasn’t wrong. Tokyo’s dizzying horizon to horizon multi-story buildings, the bustling population that swarm through subways […]

Detailed Itinerary