Sometimes it feels like adventure, and exotic destinations are only for single people, those who have chosen to not have children, or the every so slightly crazy. As a result we have decided to highlight one of our favourite family orientated tours, where Mom, Dad and the kids all get something special out, and get to see the world in a whole new way.

When one thinks of the Alps in Europe it is normal to immediately picture snow, skiing, and drinks clustered around a log fire. While this is certainly an excellent way to experience these high, rugged peaks, there is another image we want to put in your mind, and it’s this one…

No, not Julie Andrews. Stop looking at Julie Andrews. We want you to start seeing the scenery. Those epic blue stone cliffs, lush green fields, cows clustered among gently nodding white eidelweiss and deep crystal-clear blue lakes. The Alps in summer are so iconic that almost everyone who has ever owned a TV can immediately imagine what they look like, and for this tour you will be based at a tiny French town, that looks just like you would imagine it to, deep in the hear of that same mountain range.

The town of lessaisies

Les Saisies is a warm, and picturesque town that for much of the year caters to those same skiers we were speaking about earlier, yet in summer transforms itself into one of the most beautiful homes of mountain biking, paragliding and hiking. In mid-June the Tour De France thunders through the main street, and onward, eventually to Paris, meaning that the tiny population is generally obsessed with cycling of any kind. There is a local cheese factory that makes cheese just as it did hundreds of years ago, waterfalls that make for idyllic picnic spots, and the most adrenalin filled downhill MTB courses imaginable. In short, it’s the perfect destination for a family – while Dad sips the local wines and relaxes in the sun, Mom can be taking on the steepest parts of the Alps on her bike, and the kids can be swimming in the local lakes. Of course if you want to get the most of this truly evocative place you could try taking in a little of everything, and that’s where the family tour to the region comes in.

Day 1 Pick up at Airport, arrival at les Saisies resort
Day 2 Get the bikes and Easy ride around Les Saisies MTB
Day 3 Day out guided with Lunch in a refuge
Day 4 Free family ride on Col de Very
Day 5 Easy riding day Down Hill experience using ski lift.
Day 6 Guided family ride to Bizanne with picnic
Day 7 Day out swimming Annecy lake and visit Annecy , through col les Aravis, which forms part of the Tour De France 2016.
Day 8 Free family ride at the resort + Down Hill
Day 9 Family ride to Beaufort , visit cheese factory and back with shuttle to Les Saisies
Day 10 Easy morning ride, late afternoon drive to Airport.

Family Cycling

The tour includes all accommodation at the local resort as well as everything you would need to take part in the activities listed above. As a bonus they also throw in a couple of meals and the transfers to and from the Geneva airport.

It’s a truly unique family holiday that will bring you all together in a truly beautiful, and exotic location, with activities that range from the sublime to the ever so slightly crazy, and it all costs just R17 760pp sharing or R71 040 for a family of four in 2016.

If you are interested in this one-of-a-kind family adventure send us an email at and we’ll get right back to you.

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