Climbing in the Himalayas, hiking the volcanoes in Ecuador and braving choppy seas to stand in Antarctica are all wonderful, life changing adventures you could have with Wandering Free, but what do you do when you just want to relax? Fortunately even your laid back holidays can be catered for by us, offering you the chance to take it easy in a totally new and interesting way. Here we count down some of our favourite relaxing holiday packages.

Dordogne Gastronomic Cycling Tour


The Dordogne region in France is known for its simple and rugged beauty. Small medieval style stone villages cluster together in dramatic steep sided valleys, while hidden Chateaux peak out from behind tall green hedges and drives that are dotted with Golden Rain Trees. Fortresses and small castles occupy many of the high-points in the valleys and can often be viewed from the quaint cafes tucked away in quiet nooks of towns that time seems to have forgotten. It’s an area known for its food. As you wend your way through the narrow streets and quiet back roads on comfortable bicycle trails that even beginners will enjoy, you will constantly be confronted with excellent cuisine. The tour includes a number of gastronomic meals designed to give you a comprehensive taste of the region from cheeses, to pates, duck breasts, wines, truffles and a whole lot more. Be thankful for the easy bike rides, they’re the only thing stopping you from needing to book a second seat for yourself on the flight back home.

Northern India in Comfort


The north of India is an area of unbelievable diversity. Rolling hills give way to the towering Himalayas in a region where many of our ancient, and modern, religions were founded. It’s dotted with temples, small wooden villages and bustling, busy modern cities. On this tour you will take a comfortable private coach from region to region where you will stay in private hotels each night. Between that you will see some of the rarely visited highlights of India from the cobbled streets, and old world charm, of the village of Pragpur, to the home of His Holiness the Dalai Lama McLeod Ganj and the tea gardens of Palampur. Naturally you will also get to see the Taj Mahal, ride the historic Viceroy’s “Toy Train” and experience the Golden Temple in Amritsar, and all without a hint of walking or cycling.

Cruising the Galapagos Islands


When Charles Darwin first walked the Galapagos islands he was so inspired by the unique wildlife and scenery that he wrote, “The archipelago is a little world within itself”. Now you have the opportunity to see this still incredibly different part of the planet in total luxury. Take a full equipped yacht out to the islands and enjoy seven days sailing between its many attractions with all meals and supplies catered for. While on the boat you get plenty of opportunity to experience top level meals made up of international and local cuisine. When you aren’t reveling in the local wildlife, literally at times stepping over sea lions, or photographing the famous giant turtles, you can be snorkeling with rays, sharks and turtles, or simply lying back on the deck and catching some sun.  The blog Nomadic Matt has some lovely photos of the Galapagos.

This is just a taste of how you can get adventure, and a unique holiday, with Wandering Free without ever breaking a sweat. If this is what you are into, have a look around; your unforgettable experience is just a few clicks away.

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