Writing an introduction to a blog is impossible. It’s something millions of people have tried and very few have been good at. So this is our attempt…

Hello. Do you like our blog? This is it. The whole thing. Hopefully it will grow from here, becoming the country’s premier community blogging experience, but for now, this is what it is; a little blog for South Africa’s only adventure travel company.

If this was the travel blog of some massive faceless conglomeration, in which a “Social Media Ninja” was paid to “develop content” and “enhance their exposure”, this post would welcome you with corporate speak and words designed to improve the SEO of their prime products to Mauritius.

Sarah WhitesideHowever it’s not. This is just the ramblings, ideas, advice and thoughts of Wandering Free’s founders Sarah Whiteside and Warren Robertson, who hope that you, like us, love the world, want to see more of it and want to do it in a way that’s unique, real and interesting.

Warren Robertson

Here we aim to bring you everything you need to get where you want to go; from hopefully inspiring articles on exotic destinations, to beautiful adventure holiday videos, travel stories, and tips on what to pack when you are thinking of spending a week in Italy. Of course we will also do the normal corporate thing of mentioning our specials, offering discounts to our readers and demanding overly dramatically that you follow our Twitter account ( @WanderingFreeSA), or Facebook group ( www.Facebook.com/WanderingFreeSA ), but the main focus of our blog, like our company, is to tell an original story.

And in line with that, if you have been on one of our trips and have photos, stories, or anything whatsoever to share then let us know and we will upload it here. Let’s do something unique – together.

So bookmark us, add us to your RSS feed and follow us on Twitter! We warned you that might happen.

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